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Shrenu Parikh has been ruling hearts across the Indian telly industry since her debut. She is not only a flawless actress but her radiant and glowing looks keeps you asking for more. She looks stunning even without make-up.

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Below are some her tips and best kept beauty secrets.



  • She has PCOD and sensitive skin, so she drinks a lot of water.
  • She prefers natural ingredients than OTC ones.
  • She washes her face as soon she wakes up.
  • No makeup to bed  is a strict rule, she follows religiously.
  • For exfoliation, she uses ground masoor dal (red lentil) with milk or curd. 


  • She likes to pamper herself once in a month with good exfoliating spa.
  • She uses kitchen ingredients like tomato peel, orange juice, fruit pulp etc for skin detoxification and brightening.
  • For tan removal, she likes making a face mask with grated potato juice.
  • She drinks a lot of coconut water and buttermilk for body detoxification.
  • She uses a good amount of sunscreen without a fail and prefers one by Lotus. .

She apples Lip balm twice or thrice daily.

She trusts Clinique rehydrating moisturizer.

She uses rose scented face mists often.




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  • Oiling her hair once a week is her haircare ritual.


  • She mixes banana and curd, applies it to her mane and after 45 minutes rinses it off.


  • “Sleep well workout well” is her fitness mantra.
  • Although her busy schedule doesn’t allow her to workout much, but she sneaks for some yoga exercises.



She likes less makeup for her day look to let her skin breathe because of regular and heavy makeup used for her tv show shootings.

Her three skincare must haves are lip balm, moisturizer and sunscreen.

She always carries sunglasses, eye lenses, mints, dry fruits, hand sanitizer, mouth wash, water and perfume in her handbag.


She likes muted earthy toned makeup.

She likes applying Rose gold oil before makeup for a natural glow.

She likes thick eyebrows and fills them well with an eye brow Pencil.

Unlike her tv looks, she prefers a thin eyeliner for a day look.


She likes Vanilla scented products and always opted for vanilla scented lotion.

Instead of perfumes, she likes body mists and VS Love spell is one she always reaches out to.

Thats all in today’s post. I’ll be back with another one soon.

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