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“A pair of denim jeans” is undoubtedly the one essential clothing item which is found in almost every closet in the world. Everyone has accepted it as a new “basic” and a “must have” piece.

But how many of us can boast of the pair we already have? Do you like what you own?  The rise? The fit?  The wash? and most importantly the comfort? I reckon the answer is “no”.  That new pair of jeans that still has the tag attached to it or that pair which was worn just once or twice and it now is under a pile of other non favorites. We all have been there.

This leads to the affirmation that even a “basic” needs some level of research. A pair that suits our body type and enhances our right curves should be looked for. Understanding the body is imperative before an impulsive buy.

If the confusion still persists, this video can help you unquestionably.

Well well well, in my case, my due research and little hardships navigated me to the ultimate pair. It was looking for a versatile, comfortable and body complimenting denim. And I got one at Aeropostale.  It is worth every penny and can make even a t-shirt look chic and classy. So let’s see how I styled it.


The jeans have a sporty look to them, so how about channeling some boho vibes. I paired it with a copper colored Zara top (a similar here )  and my all time favorite Ted baker sneakers. With twin braids, I felt like a school girl for a moment but who cares until they look fabulous and are in vogue (thanks kardashians 😉)

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One of my best loved looks! The classic blue and white combination can never go wrong. A plain white Zara shirt and white floral kitten heels were the perfect companions. And to oomph up the style a bit, I added flea market earrings. By the way, this classic combo and classic aviators are a match made in fashion heaven.


I did try the same combination in two subtle ways. For one, I ditched the heels for my comfy shoes and for the other, a gold embellished t shirt did all the talking.


Ok! enough of the boyish and well made up mien. What about being the girl next door? Jeans are all about comfort and easiness. Hence, a flare top and multicolored flats were meant to be worn with it. I picked my favorite statement sunglasses for an added zest.

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This is how I styled this pair of jeans for three different looks. Let me know which one do you prefer.

Until next time.

Jyot 💞

You can also watch this video where I wore the same pair of jeans for a full week!

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 1.49.40 PM
Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 9.53.49 PM

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