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Remember those days when choosing an outfit is completely out of question and you simple put on some black t-shirt with black jeans and your black stilettos. Well you might have done that in haste but unknowingly you have made advancements towards the monochromatic style of fashion. It is basic, easy, classy and never goes out of style. Although wearing a same colour dress may look tacky at times, but here are few ways in which you can make any basic outfit look elegant.

So lets talk about the basics of monochrome and how to style different pieces together!

What is monochrome?

Monochrome literally translates to single colour (mono- single, chrome- color). But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to a single solid color. It’s about matching different tones and shades of one color.

Lets look at the color wheel below to understand colors better.


As the colours progress towards the centre of the colour wheel, it becomes lighter giving you the tints of a solid colour. If you add black to a color uniformly, it gives you the shades of that color. So the tints or shades of a colour or its adjacent colours make a perfect fit for a monochromatic outfit.

For example if you add white to pink, the pink will get lighter resulting in pink tints. Similarly , if you add black to pink, it would get darker resulting in different shades of pink. So if you match the tints and shades of a color in an outfit, a killer monochrome is ready!

Wearing monochrome isn’t only hassle free but keeps you stylish too. I am sure you might be having few favourite colors or those which always make you look marvellous, search for those pieces and wear them together.

How to combine a monochromatic outfit?

Let’s do this step by step. The very first thing is to select the color you want to wear. It should be complementing and enhancing your skin tone and you should feel comfortable and confident carrying it.

The next step is to pull out pieces from your wardrobe which revolves around the color of your choice. All the pants, shirts, skirts, leggings should be lying on the bed for you to have a clear idea of the number of outfits you can make out of few pieces only. You’ll be surprised at the number of new outfits you can create just by pairing something which you once considered old-fashioned.

Now lets discuss the key points that you need to consider while combining these pieces. To start with, the first rule is to either match everything of the same color with precision or colors from the same color family. This goes for your accessories and handbag too.

Another rule for a beginner would be to avoid wearing the same fabric throughout. It looks dull and bland. Instead choose different textures to add dimension, volume and sophistication. Try pairing chiffon and suede, denim and silk, leather and sequins etc.

Next thing to play with is patterns. Monochrome isn’t about plain solid colors, pattern can accentuate your monochromatic outfit really well. Try adding a printed piece of the same color and the entire look will be pepped up. A printed belt, scarf, shoes can add a lot of vibe to your plain outfit.

As you are going to be dressed up in a single color, remember to choose the one that makes you look radiant. Also if you are concerned about some body parts, try wearing darker shades for lesser attention. In the beginning, Don’t go over the top with color selection. Opt for basic colors like black, blue, beige, off white, pink, grey etc. Leave fuchsia and yellow for your pro days!

Here’s how my monochrome days look like!




So here I conclude my today’s post. I hope you find it helpful!

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