The White Sneakers from Lacoste

Fashion should never be wearisome including a long process of thoughts  and execution. It should come to you naturally without much of an effort. Because of this, I am a big time lover of sporty outfits and shoes. And whats better than casual white sneakers which not only makes it an ideal and comfortable pair for any day and any season. They are cool, stylish, comfy, chic and no fuss fashion item to be paired with your jeans, office trousers, skirt, shorts and even maxi dresses.

I paired it up twice with jeans and both looks were casual.

A summer floral shirt and a skinny jeans is perfect for a summer day if you are out with your friends, enjoying the weather.

Next look is again with jeans but this time I paired them with a floral top and some vintage sunglasses.

These sneakers by Lactose are iconic and elegant and they qualify to be. a must have in your wardrobe.
Here are few ideas to pair them up.
Try them with white dress and denim jacket.
A second option is to wear them with a polo and tennis skirt for sporty vibes.
And for a corporate feel and look, try them out with a blazer and ankle length pants on a casual day at office.
So let me conclude this article here


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