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Another day, Another review, Another fragrance! Today lets discuss about a men’s perfume which has been a bestseller for years, “Black Aoud by Montale”. The nose behind this hugely successful legend is Pierre Montale. It is actually termed as “The iconic of Montale’s house.”

A magnificent Cambodian Aoud blended with Indonesian Patchouli Leaves over a combination of Mandarin, Musk and Rose Petals.

About the brand

Since 2003, this new French brand, Montale has become one of the favourite brands of luxury fragrance connoisseurs. Its founder and owner is the world-famous perfume virtuoso – Pierre Montale. He has created perfumes for the Saudi Royal Family, including kings, queens, princes and princesses, for many years. The Montale perfumes are special for Agarwood or oud. There are about 126 perfumes from Montale the market having men, women and unisex fragrances which are dense and long-lasting.

Product Description

A round metallic ultra black bottle carries this perfume. Just like all other variants by the brand, this one too comes without a lid and has a spraying nozzle and a safety pin.


Product claim

Montale’s Black Aoud EDP has an enticing aroma that will satiate your senses. Get this mesmerizing Montale fragrance at souq.com. Mesmerize everyone around you by wearing this Black Aoud Eau de Parfum by Montale for Men. It was launched in the year 2006 by Pierre Montale. This redolence is presented in a flacon in a quantity of 100ml. The appealing black colored bottle is sure to grab your attention, even when shelved in the last row. This Montale fragrance is an invigorating, captivating blend of floral, woody, and musk accords. It contains the sensual, lemony fresh, and incredibly romantic notes of rose that fuses with the fruity and tangy accords of mandarin orange. Furthermore, the leathery, deep, and powerful nuances of French labdanum mixes with the dark, comforting, and intense aroma of musk, patchouli, and agarwood. Few sprays of this Montale’s Black Aoud EDP will soothe your senses and revive all the right vibes.


Considered to be a Powerbomb with Lethal combination of Oud and Rose, its notes are Rose, Labdanum, Agarwood aka Oud, Patchouli, Musk , Mandarin Orange

It starts off with a soapy note, but settles down quickly. The oud comes out subtly in the middle, but the rose remains dominant. 


Being an Eau De Parfum, It is perceptible upto 6-7 hours and definitely leaves an amazing scent behind you. 

Directions to use

Spray once on your perfume receptor areas such as wrists, neck, behind the knees and behind the ears.


$120/ AED 200 for 100ml



  • It is a refined and elegant fragrance for men.
  • In a nutshell, this fragrance is exotic, sexy and seductive.
  • It is strong, and lasts really long intoxicating you throughout.
  • It compliments both days and evening wear and grabs attention for all the right reasons.


The weight and volume of the perfume bottle that I bought was almost less than half (around 45%) and that’s easy to notice . So would have to think twice before considering it as a gifting option.

Yay or Nay

The black out has an alluring redolence. Because of rose, agarwood , musk, mandarin and patchouli, it has a mix of sweet, dark, musty, nutty, earthy and tangy feel to the fragrance. All the distinct components blend beautifully with one another to produce an EDP that is just irresistible.

Never miss a chance to buy it !

so let me conclude today’s review here, I’ll see you soon with one more!




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