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Being punjabi girl, I think having a punjabi suit in the wardrobe is paramount! It is not only chic but an allrounder too. It is feminine yet so comfortable that you can be a jumping jack!

A day to day salwar suit maybe a little basic or boring, but when it comes to party wear, we all try to wear or style it in a different way. So lets talk about all the styles in which you style a dupatta with a basic punjabi suit.

Heavy Suit/ Plain Dupatta

  1. An absolutely “no guess” dupatta style. But try to wear a good quality dupatta like chiffon or chinon for the cherry on the top look.

2. Another basic yet classic style. It looks good if the dupatta is cotton or silk.

3. This is a basic but looks like as you have put in some effort. This style looks even better if your dupatta has little embroidery or lace around it!


4. One of my favourites. This style makes sure that your dupatta, grace and statement are on point.


5.This style has a little variation and looks good if you are looking for a variety. Try this one with a heavy suit on a wedding.

Clip #35

Plain Suit/ Heavy Dupatta

6. I mean if you got it you should flaunt it. In this case its your heavy (embroidered or embellished) dupatta. You can wear it with pride and elan on either side.

7. This is a classic punjabi style dupatta where the dupatta looks like a decorative piece and you can tackle almost anything in this world when the safety pins are in place.

8. Another variation to the previous one. I absolutely love it. It gives an illusion of a party wear heavy suit anytime of the day!

9. This style is too beautiful to look at and easily manageable to wear. This needs either a metallic belt, kamarband or in least desired case, a regular leather belt. This one can be a go to style of  little punjabi girls who can’t handle their dupatta well.

10. Another variation to style no. 7, this one gives an effortless chic style without burdening down your entire look.


11. The style which impersonates a kaftan look or a shrug look with just a single safety pin.

Plain Suit/ Plain Dupatta

12. Who knew that a ring can change the outfit? A close competitor is a brooch too!

14. Another way of wearing a dupatta with a ring. It has the magical powers to give you those beautiful butterfly wings.

Clip #26

15. If your entire outfit is plain, then invest in a good phulkari dupatta. It is our deep hidden punjabi secret of looking like million bucks ! You can wear it on either side with or without a brooch.

Clip #30

16. An absolutely easy but heavy looking Phulkari style. Almost every punjabi girl has worn it once. The only drawback is the use of 3 safety pins!

17. And if you still thinks phulkari is not able to do justice with your look, try a Bagh! (Punjabis have all the dupatta hacks!)


18.  A more sardarni style is a double dupatta! Wear your regular dupatta around your neck and the Bagh as a shawl and they together know how to spell the cast!


19. Another way is to cover your head with one and use other a usual dupatta.

20. This is by far the one style that needs some attention all the time. But it helps in masquerading the simple attire. Place one side on either side and keep other corner in your hands, as using a safety pin won’t be a good idea!

So try all of these 20 ideas and slay in your own style.

And here let me conclude today’s article. I am hopeful that you must have picked your favourite one.

Until next time


Watch these styles in a video here!





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