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Hello beauties,

let’s talk about a young south indian actress’s beauty routine today. Today we are going to discuss beauty secrets of Mahanati actress,the cute and vivacious,  Keerthy Suresh.


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  • She is young and values natural skincare, so doesn’t use too many products.
  • A well hydrated body is what she believes in.
  • She does her daily cleansing, toning and moisturising.

  • She never sleeps with her makeup on.




  • She likes oiling them every week with coconut oil.
  • She loves braids and other different hairstyles.
  • Her favourite way is to curl the ends of her hair.



  • She maintains a strict workout routine.
  • She does cardio and yoga daily.
  • She was a swimming champion in her school days and its her favourite form of exercise.



So here we come to the end, I’ll see you guys soon with another actress’s style secrets.

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Watch these secrets in a video here






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