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Today lets talk about the beauty secrets of beautiful, Aditi Rao Hydari. She has a career spanning more than a decade in the bollywood showbiz. She was recently lauded for her portrayal of Mehrunisa, the wife Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat’. Apart from her acting, she is also a favourite of directors for her flawless skin. So what she does to keep her skin look healthy and radiant? Below are the makeup secrets and beauty tips of this gorgeous actress.



  • She has got healthy skin inherited from her grandmother.
  • She washes her face with cold water.
  • She doesn’t use soap on her face in the morning and moisturises her face when it’s still wet.
  • At night she uses a soap free cleanser and then virgin coconut oil or grapeseed oil and then a moisturiser to seal it.
  • She uses different skincare products at different times and doesn’t stick to a skincare routine.
  • She consumes coconut water throughout the day to keep herself hydrated.
  • She always uses a sunblock while stepping out. She uses Nimue sunscreen.


  • She owes her healthy skin to gram flour, milk, oil and turmeric.
  • She washes her face with raw milk.
  • For. natural cleanser, she uses milk and besan and oats.
  • For occasional zits, she applies sandalwood paste.
  • She removes her makeup with she-uemura oil based makeup remover or with almond oil.
  • If she finds her skin extra dry, she uses organ oil at night for extra hydration.
  • She uses rose gel from good earth.



    • She eats a lot of ghee, berries and greens for her hair.
    • she applies Moroccan oil to the roots of her hair.
    • She oils her hair with virgin coconut oil every week before washing them.
    • She washes her hair every two days.
    • She loves different hair styles and accessories.
  • She likes wearing her hair loosely tousled or in a top knot.
  • She goes for a hair spa once in every three weeks.


  • She does functional training three times a week and yoga on alternate days.
  • She also like skipping rope and running.
  • she also uses resistance bands for exercises.


Aditi rao hydari on padmaavat

  • She never uses makeup the days she’s not shooting.
  • Before applying makeup, she likes using a tinted moisturiser.
  • Her signature look is clean eyes, light mascara, flushed cheeks, highlighter and bold lips.

Aditi 1

  • In her makeup bag she carries a moisturiser, a facial mist, lip balm, eyebrow kit and cheek and lip tint.
  • On daily basis, she uses minimum foundation.
  • She is obsessed with her eyebrows and do eyebrow makeup herself.
  • She can’t do without benefit lip and cheek stain and her brow kit.
  • She likes classic Chloe, Roses de Chloe and Narcisso Rodriguez fragrances.

So thats all for today. I hope you like Aditi’s secrets. You can also watch them in a video (link given below).

I’ll see you guys soon with another gorgeous actress’s secrets, until then,

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