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The other gender has been trying hard to compete with our beauty products for a long time now and somehow hair/ beard products have become their flag bearers. There are innumerable examples of brands, startups who are trying to achieve a niche in this segment and Indian market is not lagging behind. One of the names who is a front-runner too is “Beardo.” The company has launched a series of products since its inception which pay attention to the urban male (as the company calls it). I have previously reviewed a beard wash from the same brand and today I have another product “The Hair Serum ” which has been around for quite some time now.

The moment we see the word “serum” we put it in high pedestal hoping it to be “the product”. I have similar hopes. But before we dive into its quality we need to understand what exactly a serum does and how different it is from an oil?

Serums are skin or scalp treatments containing highly concentrated ingredients for deep skin penetration. These ingredients are molecularly formulated to be smaller in size which makes them able to reach the furthmost layers of the epidermis. They are made purposefully towards a single goal like hair growth or strengthening of hair roots or diminishing wrinkles.

Oils on the other hand provide nutrition and hydration to the skin.The main difference between serums and oils is the size of molecules. Oil molecules are much larger and penetrate only the outermost layers of the skin. In fact, an oil blend can contain hundreds of different sized molecules. These fortify the skin’s moisture barrier keeping it protected.

So now lets see what Beardo hair serum has to offer and how well it justifies its name.

About the brand


Launched in 2015, Beardo is a leading beard and hair product company owned by Zed Lifestyle pvt. ltd. based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They have a good range of mencare products.

Product Description

This serum is housed in a sleek and transparent plastic bottle with a dispensing nozzle on top. The nozzle allows you to have a check on the quantity dispensed with a single pump. There is almost every information printed on the back of the bottle.


Product Claim

Feel Like a Young Man with Beardo. Always!

Beardo Hair Serum is a powerful concoction made with natural ingredients that prevents graying hair without damaging your scalp. In fact, it promotes hair growth. Using the Hair Serum daily completely transforms your look as the gray strands disappear. One of the most effective hair styling products in our catalogue, this magical hair serum makes sure your hair is always shining and smooth to the touch, while preventing graying! Argan Oil and Almond Oil present in the serum created by Beardo make the hair strong and healthy while providing it an excellent texture. Shiny, softer, and silkier hair is what you have to look forward to after using the serum. Your hair needs tender love and care too! Pamper it with Beardo Hair Serum, specially designed for men’s hair.Say goodbye to graying hair with this Beardo Hair Serum.



c14-22 alkane, ipm, polydimethylsiloxane, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, dimethicone cross polymer, argan oil deodorized orgnic, almond oil, coco-caprylate / caprate, fragrance


Directions to use

Take some serum out on to the palms of your hands. Make sure you dilute it appropriately as needed. Run your hands through the hair on your head as well as your beard. Get to the bottom of it! Massage the areas you have applied the serum to.


INR 295 for 50 ml



Best before 24 months from manufacturing.



  1. The consistency of the serum is perfect for application.
  2. A compact bottle makes it an ideal choice for travel.
  3. It gives a short-lived shine to the hair.
  4. It has some natural ingredients like argan oil and almond oil.
  5. It helps in managing and daily styling of hair and beard.


  1. The product is oily compared to other hair serums.
  2. The fragrance is strong because of the”perfume” in it.
  3. Although it has some natural oils, but it contains a long list of chemicals, so putting it in the “natural category” wouldn’t be appropriate.
  4. The company should work on the quality of the bottle as it spills all over.

Yay or Nay

All in all a miss from beardo. This product claims to be a hair serum but doesn’t help the hair in any given way. It does give your hair the much-needed shine but that lasts only for few hours. Unfortunately in Beardo’s case the word “serum” couldn’t come for their rescue. I would rather advise you to opt for a good hair oil instead of it. Nevertheless, it is a novice startup company, so expecting big results would be a lot to ask for. So here I conclude my one more honest review and hoping that you would like it, I bid goodbye ❤️


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