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And here I am again, writing about a men product without experiencing it myself (😉). So this time the product I am going to write about was suggested to me by an Indian beardoholic ( I am not sure where its actually a word!). It was from a new but highly marketed brand, Beardo. Well the guy himself had never used it, but wanted to use it for my review. Really, I mean really I would have never asked for more. So this person tried Beardo’s “The Old fashioned ” beard wash and here is what this self-made guinea pig had to say about it.

But before I begin talking about it. Let me just give some statements about the manly mane. The beard is not just a fashion statement. It protects the facial skin acting as a barrier to the outer environment. Beard products such as beard wash, beard oil, beard balm are important as they are supposed to keep the integrity of the facial skin. They keep the beard moisturised, smooth and shiny and sometimes they do help in growth. So these are the basic properties we’ll be looking in today’s product too.

About the company

Launched in 2015, Beardo is a leading beard and hair product company owned by Zed Lifestyle pvt. ltd. based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. They have a good range of mencare products.

Product claim

Created to leave the beard clean and nourished, this product works wonders when used regularly! Beardo ‘The Old Fashioned’ Beard Wash contains the amazing cleansing properties of Cedarwood, Lime and Clove, which protect, nourish and disinfect the hair and skin with regular usage.

Product Description

The beard wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a tick tock cap. This 100ml bottle carries the product information. The product itself is colourless and has a semi-thick consistency (runny to an extent).


Cedar wood, lime, clove, Purified water, aloe vera, olive oil, sodium laureth sulphate, Cetyly Palmitate, glycerine, disodium edta, sea salt

Directions to use

Splash some water on your beard to make sure all hair get damp.Rub it across your hands liberally and make sure you form a nice lather out of it.Run your lathered hands through your beard and run it through your beard generously. Wash it off with cold or warm water thoroughly and make sure every inch gets properly washed off the soap.


Rs. 350 for 100 ml


24 months from date of manufacturing


  1. It is a small compact bottle which is easy to use and carry.
  2. It has cleansing properties which protect the skin from any harm.
  3. It has a pleasant and long lasting fragrance.
  4. This wash “The Old Fashioned” has a better feel as compared to Irish Royal and Classic from the same brand.
  1. There wasn’t much of a difference in the beard in terms of look or smoothness or even growth.
  2. It’s  fragrance may be good but is very overpowering. Some find it cinnamon like and others like nutmeg.

Yay or Nay

Well this a review from a second person’s experience. But what I found was the person was not happy to talk about it and it was quite difficult to make him spit out the pros about the product. He found it to be like any other regular hair shampoo which cleans the skin but doesn’t nourish the hair.Usually guys tend to forget the proper cleansing of beard hair, so using a good beard wash also disinfects the skin making it supple.
So based upon it, I have to say that this beard wash doesn’t give what it claims! but one should not lose hope as there are lot many options in the market, so choose wisely!
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