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Have you ever experienced the rumble of a plane engine or the disturbing noise on the airport while waiting for the flight or the loud talks of the chatterbox family behind you in the flight. Sometimes the only thing you wish is a mute button for all these unwanted and annoying noises.

Well that’s not my wish anymore as I have got that mute button now (But not in my hands 😉 It’s on my ears) Yes, you read it right! I am talking about Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II headphones.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is the latest wireless over the ear headphone from Bose. For the last two decades, Bose has been the market king of the noise cancelling game and this is exactly what the best feature of QC 35 II is. It not only promises noise reduction but a fantastic music or sound quality which you wish to hear.

QC 35 II claims its reputation as one of the top-notch noise cancellation over the ear headphone available in the market today.

The first feeling as soon as you wear it is something similar to getting immersed below the water as you hardly hear the surrounding noise. Don’t worry you won’t drown! 😉 as you’ll get used to it easily. And to top it all there are three levels of noise cancellation to suit your mood. When set at high, it hardly lets less than 10% of the surrounding noise in.

When it comes to design and choice of material, Bose has left no room for development. The form factor is just impeccable.The insides of the headband have Alcantara finish for comfort and the ear pads are incredibly soft ,though not memory foam but nothing less than that.


This allows very long wearability as emphasis on comfort seems paramount. It has a sturdy head band with well-balanced clamping which is spot on an average size head. And don’t forget, all the above comfort comes wireless.

Now lets talk about some tech-facts 💅🏻.

After being fully charged for 2.5 hours, the headphone has a decent playback time of 20 hours. When in hurry,  Bose claims of 2.5 hrs of playback with a charge of hardly 15 mins. Also you have a good option for saving some battery by listening in wired mode with noise cancellation still on.

img_0885.jpgNeedless to mention the charging cable comes along in the box.

The most outstanding feature to the predecessor of QC 35 II is the Voice Assistant which is operated through an Action button on the left ear cup without touching your phone which makes the list of things you can do with the headphone limitless.

Before using the headphone you are prompted to download the Bose connect app on your mobile phone in order to work smoothly with the headphones. It is a simple app which helps in noise reduction toggling, integration and firmware updation.

Once you are all set, All you need is a voice command “Call Mom or Find the nearest Sushi Bar or play videos of punjabibeautyonduty back to back”. It picks up your voice easily in busy markets and crowded places too. And this feature comes at no extra cost to the previous model QC 35.

On the right cup is Bluetooth pairing switch and pairing my iPhone literally took 10 secs which is an excellent feature.

The other buttons below the ear cups are well researched while placing. The multi-function button to play/pause songs is a bit recessed than the volume up/down button. This enables the ease of finding these buttons with haptic touch.

Flexible ear cups folds in any direction and are travel friendly as these can be packed in a compact case which comes along.


And being a girl, let me mention it is available in two colours – black and silver. The design and colours are quite generic which makes them a great pick for modest travelers, but a little less impressive for the young crowd.


All in all, It is balanced headphone from Bose which will satisfy even the audiophiles.

So don’t feel muddled among the numerous options presented to you. Grab the head phones for the best of the form factor! High quality wireless sound, At your service Voice Assistant, long comfortable wearability, light weight swivel air cups makes every buck spent on QC 35 II so worthwhile.

Want to check more, click here for Bose India

Price: INR 29,363 / AED 1531

I hope you were able to make your mind. Don’t forget to comment your favourite feature of QC 35 II below.

I’ll see you soon


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