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“Eyes” the feature that can make any face look heavenly beautiful. The more we look deep into someone’s eyes, the more are the chances to fall in love with them. Now imagine these beautiful cannons decked with mascara or eyeliner, I am sure it is a sureshot killer, (I hope you won’t mind my artistic side 💁🏻‍♀️).

But in order to get those killer eyes, you need killer products. So lets talk about the Maxfactor eye studio kit. It has every product for the eyes, one possibly needs. The kit has 6 products for every nook and corner of the eyes. Now let me go into detail about each, one by one.

Eye Brow Shaper


The star of the show. A double ended thin shaper which comes with eyebrow pencil and spooly on either ends. The colour is light brown and is apt for dark brows like me. With just few light strokes, it completely transforms the eyebrows. It is easy to apply and blend. The spooly does the job beautifully. It is a bit hard but works nicely whether you want to shape your brows or you want to blend the colour.


Brow Contouring Kit


It has 4 shades, 3 dark and one to highlight the eyebrows. Unfortunately, it reached me with just three shades as one out of four was broken. So my review is based on the three remaining ones which I got to use. An angular brush is also a part of this kit which works well with the colours.

Now lets talk about the shades. They manage to match my brow colour. They are fairly pigmented and soft in application. There is a little to no fallout. The brush does a good job in the inner corner of the brows but it falls thick for the outer ends. All in all a good product but doesn’t replace the eyebrow pencil.




There are two palettes to play with. Both are a girl’s favourite colours- golden and pink. There is a beautiful gradient in both and the swatches are just awesome. The colours are highly pigmented with very less fallout. The gradient in both the palettes let you create both soft and bold eye looks. The shades can help you make a light base of the eyeshadow, work as a transitioning colour and have dark ash grey and mauve shades for dramatic night looks.




Buy Maxfactor cappuccino nude palette here 



The Colour X-pert waterproof liquid eyeliner is good and sturdy. The application wand is long in order to give a good control. It has a felt dip in tip to create winged liner or other bold looks perfectly. It is waterproof, smudge proof and glides on beautifully. It is shiny and matte at the same time and looks as if you have applied it just now. You need to dip it twice for a perfect wing. As it is water proof, it breaks into little flakes, the moment you apply a makeup remover. It comes off easily unlike other waterproof eyeliners.




The oceanic blue outer packaging carries this jet black mascara with a thick wand. The  Voluptuous false lash effect mascara is highly pigmented and its application is a dream. It does make the eyelashes look naturally longer. It doesn’t clump and dries quickly. The thick head of the mascara lets you apply it evenly with less pressure.


My final look



Out of these five, my absolute favourite is the eyebrow shaper. It is perfect for a person like me who has naturally thick eyebrows but still needs bit of touch-up. Second position goes to the golden eye shadow palette. I created a couple of different eye looks with it and they came out to be awesome.  Both of them are going to be in vanity bag for a lot of coming days.

Also let me thank Influenster and Maxfactor for sending out these awesome products for my review. I would love to try my hands on some new product soon.

You can find these products here on max factor site


So I’ll see you guys soon.



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