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So few months back, I was experiencing this massive hairfall issue and I thought I am going to turn into a yogini ( I hate calling me bald!). Although I showed utmost love to my hair, but they were at war with me and they couldn’t stand me😒. Being a beauty and health blogger/youtuber, I tried almost everything which I told my readers/viewers to do. There were hair masks, diy oils, diy shampoos and conditioners, but all in vain. Finally, after all these efforts, I decided to escalate this matter to my doctor to find the real culprit. She conducted some tests and much to my surprise, I was to be blamed for.

I was deficient of a vitamin called “E”.

Whether it is (Vee-tah-min) or (Vy-tah-min), One thing I have been sure of since my school days, that it is something really important. My teachers talked about it, my parents talk about it and now even my doctors talk about it. I remember reading about Vit A because its deficiency may cause night blindness. I remember Vit B because there were so many different variants to learn for the exams. I remember Vit C because it was present in citrusy fruits and I remember Vitamin D cause it was free (my fav!). But now its vitamin E ?? Wait! When and where did I read about it?? Nope I don’t remember! but my dermatologist now tells me to use it for my skin and hair issues. Really? And as a  beauty blogger I don’t even know about it. Yup it feels stupid and heart broken 😒 but you really can’t deny the truth!

Long story short, I got to know about a wonderful vitamin which not only helps in getting glowing skin and lustrous hair but it has tons of health benefits too. There are a lot many ways a person can consume vitamin E, but on my doctor’s prescription I took vitamin E supplements.


These soft gels have become a part of my life now. Just a small prick and I can use them on my face and hair. Also I can get these both in India and Dubai online. I couldn’t have asked for more!😉

Ok enough of my routine-shoutine 😳! Lets talk facts now!

Vitamin E is the generic name for “tocopherol”. It is a fat soluble antioxidant, which occurs naturally in many foods like almonds, peanuts, spinach, broccoli, mango, wheatgerm oil, shrimp etc. It’s also available as a dietary supplement. Antioxidant means it helps to remove free radicals, the unstable compounds that damage the cell structure. Its property of being fat soluble makes it ideal to be stored by the body for later use. As I have mentioned that it has a long list of benefits for our body, lets talk about a few below.


As health comes first than beauty, so lets first list down the different benefits of vitamin E for the body.

Vitamin E deficiency : Well thats a no brainer that if you don’t have anything in right amount in your body, you need to eat it. Vitamin E deficiency is rare but it can occur in low weight premature babies or in people who have certain genetic disorders. The genetic movement disorder called ataxia causes severe vitamin E deficiency.

Heart disease: It is also used for the treatment of issues related to heart or blood vessels such as high blood pressure, chest pain, hardening of arteries and even heart attack.

Cancer prevention: We have heard it repeatedly that prevention is better than cure and vitamin “E” agrees to it. This is the reason it is used to prevent different types of cancers such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, oral cancer etc.

Menstruation and Pregnancy  issues:  It is used by ladies to prevent the complications of pregnancy like pre-eclampsia, infertility and breast cancer. It is also useful in breast cysts, period pain and premenstrual syndrome.

Neurological diseases: Vitamin E is used for disorders involving muscle and nerves such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease & Huntington chorea.

Vitamin E is also used for increasing energy and physical endurance, muscle strength, for other disorders like cataract, asthma,impotence and some ulcers too.


Vitamin E is definitely in the race for versatility. Below are its benefits for skin and hair.

Skin nourishment: It helps in strengthening the nerves resulting in nourished skin from within. It takes care of dry and damaged skin too. Apart from taking it orally, you can burst a Vitamin E capsule with a sharp pin and massage it on the face. Or you can mix this oil in your daily day or night lotion to restore your skin’s lost moisture.

Anti ageing: Vitamin E speeds up cell regeneration. Therefore it can be used to treat wrinkles and other ageing signs of the skin.

Reduces dark circles: Vitamin E can also treat dark circles, discolouration, stretch marks, scars and acne.

Sunburn treatment: Vitamin E has abundant antioxidants which helps neutralize the effects of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation. Also it gets absorbed by the epidermis easily, so it helps in the healing the sunburns.

Haircare: Owing to its properties, vitamin E promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp. It strengthens capillary walls while nourishing the cells. You can add a capsule of vitamin to your dose of hair oil.


The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) includes the vitamin E you get from both the food you eat and any supplements you take.


Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
in milligrams (mg) and International Units (IU)


1-3 years

6 mg/day (9 IU)

4-8 years

7 mg/day (10.4 IU)

9-13 years

11 mg/day (16.4 IU)


14 years and up

15 mg/day (22.4 IU)

Pregnant ladies

15 mg/day (22.4 IU)

Breastfeeding mothers

19 mg/day (28.5 IU)

After this long long post, one thing you might have realised that whether your doctor has prescribed it or not, whether you are suffering from any above mentioned issues or not, you should start using vitamin E for its endless benefits. And whats better than to start in the first month of the year. I am sure few of your resolutions must be revolving around beauty and health, so I think its a perfect match (made in heaven 😂).
So I hope you learnt something new today.
I’ll see you soon in my next article.
Till then, take care

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