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Hey beauties!!

Winters have come and everyone is looking for  warmth and coziness. So why not do it in style!!

Staying warm is the ultimate goal in winters, but somehow winter clothing becomes bulky and completely non fashionable. So lets talk the clothes that manage fashion and cold single handedly.


If you haven’t invested in a good jacket, well do it now!

Jackets are a one stop fashion accessory to keep you warm and it goes with almost every outfit, be it jeans, skirt, dresses, suits or even a saree. It ranges from blazers to bombers, from leather to faux leather to corduroy to fleece to denim to brocade to velvet, so choose the one of your choice.




A must have in winters. These cozy wraps come in all sizes and fabrics. You can buy one or knit one for yourself (believe me its way too easy than you think!)



Well, well, well.. boots are good, really good but you need that one pair which compliments your look. (I’ve seen people ruining ultra beautiful clothes with wrong boots)


How to choose right boots for you ??

Petite girl: Well it goes without saying that you need boots with heels. If you have longer legs than your entire frame, opt for over the knee boots. If your legs are shorter, ankle boots would give the illusion of long legs.

Tall girl: You area lucky gal, so you can choose either medium height heels or flats depending upon your choice. Personally I love flats or low cut boots.


Muscular girl: I think those calf muscles need attention, so why to cover those. Flaunt your well curved legs with ankle height boots. If you have a short stature, opt for medium or long heels.



Thats a no brainer! You need a sweater to stay warm or should I say hot 😉!

An oversized sweater with tight pants or leggings is going to make your swag quotient really high. Opt for a knitted sweater of cute colour with a cute pattern and theme it with  long boots.



Well we all know Burberry has awesome trenches but what if you can’t afford it. Buy a trench or over coat which is versatile and well fitted.

It should be 2-3 inches above your knee. Don’t go too short with it as it may look like a little dress. Also if you are short, don’t buy an oversized one. Long coats give a great chance to flaunt your tall stature.


During my childhood, that one thing which I used to hate during winters was a turtleneck. Maybe I was not fashion inclined then.


But today when I know how chic one looks wearing a turtleneck, it definitely is a must in my wardrobe.

The collar on a turtleneck is long and extends up over the neck. It is usually of three types:

Classic: It covers the entire neck and can be folded over. It creates a stylish bulky collar.

Mock: It is shorter collar than classic. There is no need to fold it over.

Cowl: It is a wide, funnel-shaped collar which hangs loosely around the neck.


You can choose a turtleneck according to your comfort and style.

So I hope you are ready to become a winter fashionista. If you like this post, do let me know below.

See you soon.






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