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Hey lovelies, So a natural and herbal product for hair and that too an oil is what I have to review today. I think this is the best combination ever if you suffer from hair issues.When this bottle arrived at my doorsteps, I was actually suffering from hairfall. So I did not look for a scapegoat this time and tried it on my head. which means this review is based on my first hand experience.

This herbal oil is bhringamalakadi from Khandige. It goes without saying that it is an Indian company as we Indians have the best knowledge of Ayurveda,(any doubts 🧐?)


About the company :

Khandige Organic Health Products based at Bangalore is into the manufacturing of authentic Ayurveda, and wellness products like nutritional supplements, medicines, food made using potent herbs sourced from certified organic suppliers. The company owns four large estates amounting to over thousand acres of land holding, numerous farms and fully certified manufacturing facilities producing and marketing certified organic products in India and abroad.

Certification of protection

As per company’s website- The certification process is extremely stringent and covers all aspects of organic farming and production of organic products including the packaging methods, storage of raw materials and finished goods to prevent mixing with conventional products that might also be used. The treatment method is used to prevent contamination, and sampling and analysis methods are used for checking purity of the products.

Product Description:

The oil comes in a dark brown translucent brown bottle, which has everything from ingredients to usage to benefits listed on it.It claims it to be an Organic Ayurvedic classic medicine.

It is packed tightly with two (actually three) different caps. The trio helps to keep the bottle spill proof. Once you open the topmost cap, there’ll be one more guarding both the dropper openings.

You remove the next one and you can pour the amount of oil you wish to apply. The oil itself is dark brown in colour.

Product Claim:

  • Prevents dandruff.
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents premature greying of hair
  • Improves and strengthens hair roots.
  • Relieves stress and fatigue.


Bhringamalakadi oil has a base of sesame oil with mixture of different oils like bhringaraja (eclipta alba), amlaki (emblika of ficinalis), yastimadhu (glycyeehiza glabra), cow milk (kshira).

  • Sesame (Til) Oil promotes speedy hair growth and greatly improves the overall quality of the hair.
  • Bhringraja helps in maintaining dark strands and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Amlaki cleanses and conditions the scalp, improves pigmentation and strengthens and conditions the hair.
  • Yashtimadhu conditions the hair, making it soft and shiny. It encourages healthy hair growth too.
  • Cow’s Milk (Kshira) keeps the hair hydrated and nourishes the strands from within.

The ingredients are certified organically grown.

(**Sometimes Bhringamalakadi oil comes with coconut oil as base, avoid it if you suffer from sinusitis.)

Directions to use:

Apply it as you would apply your usual hair oil.

Sufficient quantity  may be used for application on head regularly either before head wash or as hair oil.

Mild finger tip massage is suggested after the application of oil.


It is runny but not light. It is way too lighter than mustard oil but little thick than the usual commercial oils .



Well I think if you have used Ayurvedic oils earlier, we should not discuss over this topic. But just to simplify it, if you want to apply it before hair wash, no issues at all. But if you are planning to keep it on your head till the next wash, consider doing a bun or braid.


INR 266 for 100ml

Buy this oil ONLINE on Amazon  /Buy ONLINE on Khandige Website


1 year from the date of manufacturing.



  1. It is a natural and Ayurvedic medicine with organically grown ingredients.
  2. It does control hair fall to an extent.
  3. It helps fighting baldness and premature hair greying. Although I had a little time only to try it but I found it useful.
  4. It doesn’t cause heavy headedness.
  5. It is a light hair oil which is easy to apply and massage.
  6. It seeps into the skin properly and doesn’t require too much of an effort.
  7. It can be applied by both men and women.
  8. It is suitable For all hair types.


  1. Well if you need good Ayurvedic products, you need to sacrifice on the smell part of it. It is quite strong and wearing it to an occasion specially on the first two days of application should not be on your list.

As a natural product lover, I am slightly bent towards it. It didn’t give me much of a “result”, but I don’t want to be too harsh on it. It was not able to make a significant difference to me but let me remind you, it is an Ayurvedic product and natural ingredients take some time to work. I am quite optimistic about it.

Until next time


For more information about Khandige Organic’s products, please refer to the information below:

Click here for Khandige Organic website

Khandige Organic Health Products

No. 63. Amruthnagar Main Road,

Opp. BWSSB office, Konankunte,

Bangalore – 560062, India.

Tel: +(91)-(80)-26320882

Email : info@khandigeorganic.com

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