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How does it feel to have a box full of goodies from a well-known brand to use all over your face to combat the skin issues you had been facing or a long time and tell you what! It works!!

woah.. that was a lot to chew in one bite. So let me give you an insight into the new MAXFACTOR PRO CORRECTING PRODUCT launches.

My face with just moisturizer 



Colour Correcters

IMG_9625The colour correctors come in three different shades to suit your face needs. These are easy application pencil sticks which have transparent packing. These three colourful pencils are for the people like me who are completely zero at drawing  but still can create a beautiful and flawless base covering all blemishes, redness and dark spots of the face in a matter of minutes.

Pink (The Balancer): Let’s fight the blemishes and dark spots and give makeup a balanced  and uniform face to work on.

Green (The Reducer): A perfect tool to cover the redness and pimples. It reduces the unevenness of the skin tone.

Yellow (The Brightener) : You definitely need to cover those dark circles. This pretty stick brightens the under eyes beautifully.

Buy Maxfactor pink colour corrector here

Buy Maxfactor colour correctors here

Max factor face finite all day flawless.


Don’t be surprised, its a 3 in 1 foundation. A perfect blend of primer, concealer and foundation in a cute glass bottle. It comes with a dispensing pump for the exact amount of product dispensing needed for your face. It also has a sun protection of spf 20.

Buy Maxfactor 3 in 1 foundation here on souq.com

Pan sticks for contouring:


Two perfect and opposite shades to contour and highlight your face like an experienced beauty guru. One rich creamy foundation hides the imperfections perfectly and other gives the face-cut to die for. Now no need to worry about that flattened nose, fat cheeks and almost invisible cheek bones.

The pan sticks come in an easy application roll up stick. The highlighter can be used on the bridge of the nose, on cheek bones and on the chin to give a more precise and uplifted face.

The dark stick gives full freedom to be used on the cheeks and outer ends of the face to give a perfect contour.

Buy Maxfactor Pan stick foundation here 

Buy Maxfactor beige pan stick foundation here on souq.com

My face after the base



Max factor blush


A beautiful beautiful creme blush in the shade 20 lavish mauve is one of the prettiest colour you can have in your vanity case. It is a lovely peachy pink blush which powdery in usage but gives a perfect natural shyness glow on the face.

Buy this gorgeous blush here

Final look


I hope you like the final look. Th maxfactor pro correcting products are definitely worth a try if you want a flawless base and a pinkish cheeks.The products become special when you get them from the oh so awesome Influenster for free.

Until next time


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