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Hello everyone, Landing in a decent job in today’s competitive scenario is a big challenge and if you are planning to hop from your current company to a new responsibility, it becomes even tougher. You need to have your resume on point, your dressing skills should be impeccable and your communication should be unmatchable.

As we have already talked about the resume for fresher and experienced in my youtube videos earlier, lets move a step further.If you haven’t checked my earlier videos, I’ll link them here.


So, Once you have applied for a job, and you got your interview call, it’s the time to talk about interview questions. The way you dress up, and your communication skills have to be on point but your interview majorly depends upon the kind of answers you give at the interview.




*Tell me something about yourself


The classic opening to most of the questions and very annoying also. People sometimes feel angry too that if the interviewer has all the details in front of him/her, why is her/she asking? Well this question serves to be an ice breaker between the interviewee and interviewer. Try to understand what the interviewer actually needs to know. He/She is asking for your professional self so that they can judge whether you are a fit in their company or not.You can start by sharing some of your personal interests, but keep it specific and work related and don’t give your family history instead. Some good answers could be:

Born and brought up in Denmark , I did my Schooling and higher studies from ABC University. I am an Hr Professional with five years of experience in the retail industry. Before this , I’ve also worked as a recruitment executive with XYZ firm and I’ve closed middle and senior level positions in retail, heavy engineering, fashion, manufacturing industries also.


*What is your greatest strength?


Another common question in the interviews.  This question gives you an opportunity to discuss your attributes that will qualify you for the specific job and set you apart from the other candidates. It is a fairly straight forward question with a straight forward answer. Talk about a “strength” that you know the company puts a lot of value in.The recruiter wants to know that you’re the best fit for the job so you should illustrate a strength that’s valuable for the position. Try not to be overly modest. Your tone and answer should land somewhere between humble and arrogant. A good answer could be:

Having worked as a copy editor, I have extremely strong writing skills. Also I have a strong attention to detail as well. I have written for some good publications too and I know my writing style in order to fit the task and audience. As a marketing assistant in your organization, I will be able to write and edit press releases efficiently with accuracy and ease.


*What is greatest weakness?


When the interviewer has asked about your strengths, the question about your weakness isn’t lagging behind. It is also the most dreaded question of all. But believe me, it’s quite easy to handle it. Concentrate on your professional traits instead of personal qualities. But don’t fall for the answer “I am a perfectionist and I don’t have any weaknesses”. You can also be honest but make sure that whatever problem you choose, it’s not a required skill for the job. Show that you are aware of your weakness and what you have done to overcome it.

Although I am an accounts executive but I am always working on improving my communication skills to be a more effective presenter. I have recently started an online course also, which is proving helpful.


*Why should we hire you?


Another common question but another opportunity to shine. Instead of going for why you want this job, pitch about why you can be a valuable asset for the company.Here comes your research about the company. Try to find out  why the company is planning to hire someone for the post you’ve applied to? What are the issues that the company is facing? Be very specific with your answer and confident enough to tell a past success story.

Your company provides many services that I have had experience with, in my previous jobs. As a mechanical engineer, I believe that my familiarity with the bearings and chains industry would make me a good fit for this position.

*Why are you leaving your current job?


This can make some candidates nervous. But think about it honestly. Were you fired from your last job or did you quit it voluntarily? In Both the situations, let the recruiter know in a very affirmative way. If you have left your job yourself, tell the recruiter that you liked your previous job, but you are looking for more opportunities now. If you were fired, be honest and tell the reason. Here words like downsizing or  budget cuts can come to your rescue. But never bash your previous employer. This behaviour is viewed by interviewers as destructive and unhelpful. In fact they are asking this question to know if you’re loyal, trustworthy, and reasonable.

I was laid off from my last position when our department was eliminated due to corporate restructuring.


I’m relocating to this area due to family circumstances and left my previous position in order to make the move.


*Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


Now here is the question, some people even call silly. But it is not. When a recruiter hires you, he is hiring a talent who is going to be a part of the company and would work as an asset not as a liability. They also don’t want you to leave after two months of joining. That’s why they ask you this question. But are they looking for an honest or specific answer. NO. The purpose of this open-ended interview question is to get a confirmation of commitment from you. So an ideal answer would be to express your desires for a long-term career with growth opportunities.

I see myself as a top-performing employee in a your organization. I plan on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in related professional associations.


*What has been your greatest achievement so far?


It seems like quite a straight forward  question, but it isn’t. When a recruiter is asking you this question, He/she is actually trying to evaluate your strengths. So again think career wise. Focus on an achievement that is relevant to the job you are interviewing for. Tell something which was a challenge to accomplish and you had to work hard for that. Relating even a small accomplishment that is inline with “what the company values” can be more powerful than an unrelated accomplishment.

As a recruitment team, we had to find an executive which was proving really hard based on the scenario of layoffs during the recession period. So we as a team searched not only on the job seekers platforms but each one of ours social media channels as well. And within no time, we had a long list of candidates to be interviewed. And which is why I’m so excited for the possibility of working in this type of team environment.


*How do your co-workers describe you?


This question directly relates to your behavior at the workplace. It is all about your self awareness, but at the same time it is great chance to brag about yourself through someone else’s words. Your self-insight and your relationship with your co-workers are both being evaluated. This question means how you are perceived in the workplace?Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? Do you ask for and receive feedback?Make sure your answer focuses on work related characteristics. Use work-relevant competencies like good communicator, reliable, decisive, resilient, energetic, team member when answering top interview questions like this.

I know my colleagues consider me to be energetic and hard working. In fact, the other team members know they can rely on me and have often thanked me for the extra hours I put in.


*What are your salary expectations?


This could be a tricky question. It is easier to answer if you know the salary the job offers and you have a salary history to refer to. There are a number of ways to handle this difficult question. You should have done your research for typical salary ranges for the kind of job you’ve applied to. It helps out in providing the data you need to support your interview answer.

If the research doesn’t work, go with your gut. Remember, it’s not about confronting the hiring manager with unreasonable expectations. But you need a salary you can live with. If that’s not there, the job is not right for you.Its is very much ok to give a salary range or an exact figure that you would like to be paid.

I would like to be compensated fairly for my experience.The research I’ve done indicates that positions like this one pay $X to $Z and something in that range would be acceptable to me as a starting salary.


*Do you have any questions for me?


The easiest of all the questions with just one answer “yes”. Never say, that’s all, I don’t want to know anything more about the company. All you have to do is prepare some sample interview questions in advance. Ask at least one question at the end of the interview.  Do your research well and ask something that you have discovered during your research. This will show your passion and knowledge of the company. But remember, the question should not be about you, it should be about them. Don’t ask about leaves, payoffs or other benefits. In fact don’t wait for this moment and you can ask questions throughout the interview also. I’ll calm your nerves and will also turn the interview into a calm conversation between colleagues.

Yes! I have a couple of questions for you.

Can you tell me about the job

What kind of tasks will be my primary concern

Where does the company want to be in five years



So in a nutshell the key to acing a job interview is to prepare in advance.Don’t just review the questions, ask a friend to do a mock interview. You don’t have to memorize your answers, instead do some research and understand about the company and position.

So here I would like to conclude today’s article. I’ll see you guys soon with another career oriented write-up.



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