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Hi lovelies, Having curly hair is one of the wishes most straight hair girls have. But what they don’t know are the issues like frizz, dryness and damage curly hair have to go through. Almost everyday an extra effort is needed to keep them bouncy and alive.

So, this article is for all my curly hair damsels who want shiny, manageable and healthy hair. Today I am going to share a hair mask recipe for curly hair which is going to condition them to the core.

So lets see the ingredients:

An over ripened banana:

Protects and nourishes the hair, adds shine and stops hair fall.

A teaspoon of coconut oil:

Prevents dandruff and baldness,Promotes hair growth, Cures damaged hair.

A teaspoon of olive oil:

Cures splits ends, Makes hair softer, Reduces dandruff.

A teaspoon of Honey:

Prevents scalp infections, Strengthens hair follicles, Conditions the hair.

Two tablespoons of Yogurt:

Removes dead skin cells, Helps in hair follicles’ growth, Makes hair healthy.


Directions to make:

Mix all the ingredients together and blend them well using a blender or mixer and then apply it on your hair from roots to tips. Let it work for 2-3 hours and then wash it off with mild shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to comb your hair well as there may still be some banana chunks in your hair.

Using this hair mask is going to help you fight dryness, itchiness, frizz and breakage. Regular use of this mask is going to make your hair shiny, smooth and manageable.

Note:It has all the deep conditioning ingredients, so people will oily scalp or hair may refrain from using it on regular basis as it may weigh the hair down.

So I hope you find this article useful. If so, make sure to leave a comment below.



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