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Hi lovelies, lets talk about an easy everyday task called face massaging. If done daily and properly, it can bring so many benefits to your beauty and overall health. Face massage even helps in better absorption of your daily skin care products.

Massaging your face for just 5 minutes daily can keep wrinkles at bay. It is relaxing, improves blood circulation, unclogs the pores, drains the waste out of the face, and helps in getting a toned face and cheeks. It is not at all time consuming. Face massage can be done with your daily face cleanser and moisturizer or cream. So today, I am going to share few easy techniques for daily face massage which can help you getting a slim, toned and well built face.

Before the massage, take off any jewelry you are wearing on your fingers or neck. Also as the massage is going to drain the unnecessary fat and waste out of your body’s so, hydrate yourself before the massage.Also, wash your hands and face properly.

So lets begin…..

Any carrier oil that suits your skin can be used as a face oil. Make sure the oil has a nice slip and is not too thick. There are number of options to choose from : olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil etc. You can also use a blend of two carrier oils that suits you.


In order to have a spa like experience, you can try steaming your face first to open the pores.It helps in better oil absorption leading to soft and supple face.Once you are done, its the time for a little warm up or a quick face yoga.

Sula Grape Seed Oil 250Ml

Once you have sorted out the oil that you are going to use, lets begin massaging.


Apply it gently and generously and let it absorb in the skin with a little patting motion all over the face.

Start with putting little pressure on the face with your fingers going towards the forehead from chin and vice vera.


Using two fingers, criss cross the forehead. It is really useful  in tackling the stress lines on the forehead.


Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil, 100ml

Now using all of your fingers, massage from the centre of the forehead towards the temples.Using the same fingers, rub the forehead in small circles towards the temples.


To reduce the anger line in between your eyebrows, use the same criss cross motion with index fingers.


For the eyebrow tension release, use a light pinching motion along the eyebrows towards the temples and back.10

Massage your temples drawing 8 (eight) or optionally you can also put pressure for some seconds on them.


Massage your face with first two fingers from the centre of your face outpost your cheeks to your ears.Drop down and Continue the same with the jawline. It helps draining the build up in the face muscles and helps in getting more toned and sculpted cheeks.


For the extra fat on cheeks and jawline,with a pinching motion like we did with eyebrows, go along the length of jawline upto the ears.

Clip #28

Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, 200ml

Another way of doing it is to put pressure along the jawline with your thumbs until you reach your ears.Apply good pressure. It helps in unclogging the lymph nodes and get a sharp chin and jawline.


Once you have massage all the face parts one by one, its the time for a full palm face massage. You can go lateral or upwards.

You can also use your knuckles for a more deep and good pressure massage.


Once the massage is done, then let your face muscles relax by putting pressure on some pressure points on the face. This helps in calming the face muscles.

To seal the goodness, you can use a suitable face pack or mask.Other alternative is to use a damp towel (preferably with hot water). And let it sit on the face or You can remove any excess with it. Then go ahead with your daily facial cleanser and use your favorite moisturizer or cream.


So I hope this article was of some help. Try this regularly at home and you’ll get amazing results.I’ll see you soon

Until next time.


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