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Disha Patani, Bollywood’s new sensation who is just two films old has been making headlines since her career started. She is drop dead gorgeous and has a body for everyone to envy . Recently, she has scored a new pillar of success by becoming the Pond’s brand Ambassador. So in a nutshell, this girl is all set to make a mark in the Indian film industry and all the young girls would like to get some tips and secrets from this ethereal beauty. So lets see what are Disha Patani’s skin, makeup and fitness secrets.



It is a very basic simple yet effective skincare routine. It is her regular workout and water. This beauty makes sure to keep herself hydrated throughout the day.

Also she likes to cleanse her face well and then use a good moisturizing lotion.

She likes to dab rose water on her face in order to instantly freshen herself up and as a distressing tool after a long day.

She religiously moisturizes her skin before going to the bed.

She is also fond of face oils and her favorite skincare line is by Kiehls.

She is not a big fan of beauty treatments but loves using peel off face masks. For an instant glow, she uses Pond’s BB cream.

Her beauty mantra is to eat a balanced diet and workout well. She eats lots of vegetables and fruits for that glowing skin.




For that beautiful mane, she uses almond oil to nourish them regularly.

She loves to braid her hair quite often.

Fitness Routine


She believes in the mantra of “Eat well and workout well”

She visits the gym four times a week.

She treadmills for an hour everyday. Apart from it, she likes to do cardio and some light weight training.

To keep herself calm, she also practices yoga for half an hour daily.



Her everyday  makeup essentials include a lip balm, cheek tint and a mascara.

She’s not fond of using a highlighter.

Her favorite look is nude eyes and dark lips. Most of the times, she is seen flaunting bold lips.

Her beauty essentials include a face wash, cold cream, rosewater, lip balm and mascara.

Her favorite perfume is Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Perfume by Chanel. She also likes Jo Malone London fragrances.

So here I conclude, I hope you like her secrets and tips to a beautiful and healthy skin and body.

I’ll talk to you guys soon


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