A good question which I never have an answer to is “whats your favorite cuisine”. I mean this world is full of tastes and you can’t choose one. That’s completely unfair. There should always be a fusion of tastes in the mouth, and to get that I can go miles and miles. But in this case it was just a few minutes away from my home.

So an obvious place for me to visit was DXB Truckers. I mean it can’t get better than rustic fresh food made in front of you on a truck with live band and lively people!

While I was busy clicking photographs of the vibrant atmosphere of the Golf club and the trucks, this gentleman came to me with a well versed menu and asked me whether I would like to try something new! I looked at his truck which read PIADÈRA.


Well “New”always excites me and so here I was standing excited listening to his description of the offered food.Just a sec, what is PIADÈRA? Upon asking, I came to know  “A PERSON WHO COOKS THE AUTHENTIC ITALIAN FLATBREAD “PIADINA” IS CALLED THE PIADÈRA”


And what a find! They are a newbie in the world of restaurants and trucks. But having said that, they know their dish and are well aware of the mood of the taste buds.From their site I quote,”Piadèra offers you the most delicious, authentic recipes of piadina in the Romagna area made with fresh ingredients, typical of the best Italian cuisine: buffalo mozzarella, burrata cheese, charcuterie, fresh vegetables, extra virgin olive oil. Each ingredient is selected and guaranteed by Piadèra to offer you a tasty, nutritious and light recipe.”

So being a vegetarian my obvious choice was to go for Caprese which was a flatbread with Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto sauce (40 AED).Well I am an Indian and nobody understands spices better than us. So as far as the taste is concerned,it was an authentic Italian palatable mix of fresh ingredients .The salty bread was bringing other ingredients together.A good combination I must say!



And you have got options for beef and chicken eaters too. And even for the ones with a sweet tooth and the menu is totally customizable. You are welcome!

So,I hope you visit Piadèra at DXB Truckers. The flatbreads are incredibly addictive and so is the warmth of the crew. So next time try out this truck for a pouch full of freshness, deliciousness and satisfaction.

You can find more about them here: www.piadera.om

For queries: info@piadera.ae or you can call on +97143387474 or visit them at Offices 1, One Central, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

For DXB Truckers jam, visit Emirates Golf club every Saturday!

All I can sum up saying is that it is an authentic Italian food truck with rustic food and a relaxed vibe.

Until next time



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