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Finally, A liquid eyeliner and it is black and it is by M.A.C, I mean everything is perfect! (oh! those wings) So why am I writing about it today.

It’s because there are tons of things about this product which you need to know before getting it in your vanity case.And what are those, lets see!

About the brand:

MAC Cosmetics, stylized as M·A·C, is a cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The company is headquartered in New York City and became part of the Estée Lauder Companies in 1998. MAC is an abbreviation for Make-up Art Cosmetics.

Product Description:

Like most of the M.A.C Cosmetics,this one too comes in all black packing. SONY DSC

The small bottle has a broad base and can stand on its own.


The tip has a long tail to hold it firmly and is ideal for precise application.


Product Claim:

A liquid eye liner formula packaged with a unique applicator for precision application. Liquid Eye Liner is the perfect product for lining and defining the eyes. The firm, tapered tip of the applicator is easy to control and allows for a quick and precise application of the liner. Liquid Eye Liner is long-wearing, smudge-resistant and can be easily removed with Pro Eye Makeup Remover.



Texture and Color:

It is a shiny black colored liquid but not watery eye liner.


Directions to use:

Apply directly to lid the way you like to line your eyes. Or as per the company, Use it to subtly enhance or create bold lines. Because its ideal for creating graphic designs anywhere on the face and body, don’t limit the use of Liquid Eye Liner to the eye area.


129 AED or 1900 INR for 2.5 ml



6 months from the date of opening.



1.It has a firm fine point felt tip which is par for easy application. It glides over the lash line, allowing for an intense thickening effect for lashes.

2.The control of the liner is impressive and it allows for a dramatic sweep from corner to corner. So, It is perfect for a quick winged liner (that’s a relief !)

3.It has great pigmentation.It is classic, jet black, liquid eyeliner.
4.It is long lasting.After you apply it in the morning, it still looks perfect when you get home after work.
5. It is Ophthalmologist tested and Perfume free which makes it irritation-less.So It can be an ideal product for someone who has sensitive eyes.
6.Even when it is dried its gives an illusion as if your eyeliner is still wet. The eyes look fabulously bright and crisp.
6.It is smudge resistant.
7.It stays in place until you decide to remove it with any eye makeup remover or your regular facial wash.The eye makeup comes off like a dream without leaving a trace of color behind!
8.It is safe for contact lens wearers.


1. It is not water proof and we need some degree of water resistance during the day or during some activities.
2. The tip is not too long so you need to get close to the mirror to see whats happening near your eyes.
3. The brush head doesn’t have flexibility so for some who are comfortable with eyeliner brushes, may feel like scraping a brush across the eyelid, rather than gliding.
3.It takes a little time to dry . So if you blink ,there are chances of it being transferred to the lower lid.
4.It does flake sometime on oily eyelids.
5.It is difficult to get enough product on the brush to line one eyelid.So one has to keep dipping in for more.
                                                          So finally my verdict would be to opt for it if you are looking for a daily ,easy application black eye liner which is not cruel to the eyes. I have owned it for a long time and I absolutely love it for its perfect wings and no fuss removal.

Until next time

 *This is not a sponsored review

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