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Hi my lovelies, another perfume to talk about today. My absolute favorite range by Carolina Herrera ,the 212.I have owned this perfume for years, and I always go back to it once my fling with different perfumes gets over. So whats my take on 212 NYC, lets discuss.

The Magnificent 212 NYC for women comes from the house of renowned fashion designer Carolina Herrera. Launched in 1997,this perfume captures the scent of New York and was created by the perfumer Alberto Morillas.

About the brand:

Born in 1939, Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelian native. After many years of being named Best-Dressed in the US she started her own ready-to-wear line in the early 80’s and her designs are heralded for their classy and subtle styles.Known for her exceptional personal style designs, Carolina has dressed the First Ladies of the United States a number of times.She later on ventured into bride wear, fragrances and accessories.

Product description:

Carolina Herrera 212 Women EDT 100 ml - Bayan Parfümü

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The 212 packaging conceals more than it reveals. It is a cylindrical shape classic bottle which is unusual,architectural,familiar but at the same time surprising .It is modern and pretty but functional too.

SONY DSC When I got it for the first time , I was little surprised to see the packing and couldn’t make out how to open and apply it, but later on it was a cute and disappointing discovery.

SONY DSCCute because it was very new to me with two little cute bottles and disappointing because I thought it to be of better quantity.SONY DSC

But nevertheless,once you pull the glass bottles from the metallic piece, they can stand on their own.


Two small well working pumps spray the perfume in good quantity and you just need 2-3 pumps and you are good to go. SONY DSC

One stays home, the other goes out in your bag or travel case.

Product Claim:

212 is the Manhattan telephone area code. It all begins here. For young, trendy, cosmopolitan, self-confident, experienced and classy men and women. 212 is an aroma that opens up a new world of sensations; a concept, the success of synthesis, a modern and innovative fragrance which is, at the same time, very feminine and elegant. Freshness, transparency and elegance combine to adapt to the style of the modern woman.



Directions to use:

Pull one of the small bottles out and spray it on the perfume receptor areas of your body or whereever you like .


This scent mimics the energy of the woman in New York with its three notes.

It begins to engulf you with the top notes of citrusy sweet and fresh blend of orange blossom, bergamot, cactus flower and mandarin orange.

This is followed by an intoxicating floral heart of fantasy white camelia, lily, gardenia, freesia, lily of the valley, rose and jasmine.

The base notes are a soft blend of oriental sandalwood and musk.


One can smell this pretty fragrance from a long distance so it has a nice sillage. The longevity is good enough. It lasts for 6-7 hours on your clothes making you smell fresh and blossomy .


5100 INR for 100 ml/ 3.4 fl OZ

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1.It personifies modern cinderella. It is designed to speak of the modern, unique and urban city.Overall, 212 is a modern yet classic fragrance.

2.It is a timeless fragrance for all seasons. It is clean,fresh & sensual all in one.So you don’t have to spend on different perfumes for different seasons.

3.It truly captures the spirit of New york. One can smell elegance, confidence,passion, independence, style, femininity, beauty, class all in this little wonder.

4. It is a good choice for everyday use.Wear it at work or school or a casual outing.

5.It is long lasting ,great smelling but not an over powering perfume. A bit of 212 EDT goes a long way .You are surely going to get compliments from both sexes when wearing it!

6.It can be worn at almost all ages.

6.The bottles are travel friendly,although they won’t have a cap on them.


1. Someone who doesn’t like florals with musk may call it a teenager fragrance, specially to be worn under the age of 25.

2.The packaging is cute but it is not fully functional as you have to struggle to put the bottles back to the body.

Yay or Nay:

A big yaaaay!

Usually I like to buy eau de parfum, but this EDT is long-lasting, off beat, light floral fragrance with musk undertones. Also a scent about which people may stop to tell you, “Wow your perfume smells awesome!”I love 212 because it is sophisticated without the cloying sweetness of some florals. It has a flirtatious sexy undertone that can be carried off regardless of the age.So at last I have something to say to the epitome of elegance, “Mrs. Herrera, you’ve definitely got a winner here”

So I hope this review is helpful when making your perfume buying decisions. I’ll see you soon.




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