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How to be productive, fruitful,yielding in your life highly depends on how you spend your day. The way we treat a day is going to pave the way for how we are going to treat our life.So today I am going to share the ways which can help you make a day productive at home.Lets begin..

1.Review your task list the night before:


Your journey to make the day productive doesn’t begin the same day itself,it actually begins the night before.So before you go to sleep,Make a plan for next day because upon waking up you will have a plan to work on, which is far better than having no plan at all.

2.Wake up early:


It is a perfect time for your positive self.Plan your day as if it’s going to be the best day of your life. Always remember that your brain has the power to change your life.So start the trial now! Also make sure you stay away from your phone or other unnecessary distractions.

3.Plan your day in advance:


Ask yourself how you would like to live today? how you want this day to be? Give command to your brain and then you will see that no matter what happens you will strive for the best.But don’t waste time in giving these commands sitting in the bed as you will get enough time to think about it on the treadmill too.

4.Create a good morning routine:


Always make big and brave goals for the future and then work towards them. Remind yourself of those goals and take a step towards them every morning. Also hit the gym for workout because a healthy body will result in healthy thoughts. Exercising is one of the greatest productivity tools in the world.

5.Never miss breakfast:


The first meal of the day is going to ensure you that you are going to have a productive day ahead.So treat yourself with a lovely and wonderful breakfast. Always before breaking your fast sit in a relaxed & calm manner.Try to skip coffee occasionally and drink more water as hydration means energy and energy means work which in turn means productivity.

6. Clean and claim your space:


Make your bed in the morning.Remove clutter from tables and kitchen. It saves a lot of time ,peps up your mood and gives you a clean mind to think about new ideas for future. Bid goodbye to all negative energy elements ,because “mess creates stress”. Live stress free mentally too.Stay away from chatting and social media.Remember we all have 24 hours to be great or nothing in our lives.

7.Pamper yourself:


Do what makes you happy.Indulge yourself in your favorite hobbies.Take care of your skin and body.Maintain good levels of hygiene because people who stay at home are vulnerable to become slob.

8.Always oppose:

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Doing opposite things sometimes means you are going to get the results easy and quick. For example going to a grocery store at peak hours is going to waste a lot of time so instead choose a time slot when you can do it comfortably and quickly.

9.Always try to connect to your family:


Have at least one meal with your family. The smile on their face is enough to make you feel blessed. If you stay away from them, call them and share your day. It will make the efforts that you put into the work worth it!

10. Go to the bed early:


There is nothing like a sound eight hours sleep after a busy day. But before you go to sleep, review your entire day. Make sure to increase the positive work that you have done and also thank god for a beautiful day that you had.

I hope these tricks are going to help you in making your day fruitful at home because we all should never forget that every human being has the potential to do something extra ordinary in 24 hours. So start searching for your potential today!

Thank you so much. I’ll see you soon.


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