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Hi lovelies, today I am going to share 10 hacks which can make your life simple and easy. Well the hacks are for girls in general but few are typically for Indian or Punjabi girls which you’ll understand once you go through them. So lets begin!

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1.Lighten your dark shade foundation

If you’ve got a foundation darker than your skin tone (which happens to me often due to non availability of shades in India),look for your face moisturizer.Pump out the foundation on the back of your palm and mix the moisturizer in it.Clip #6

Continue mixing until you get your desired skintone match.Clip #7

2.Easy way to wear Pyjami

Are you like me who loves to wear Pyjami Suit but doesn’t want the fuss of wearing it on wet feet  in bathroom, then grab a polythene bag.Just wear the polybag on your feet one by one and easily slide through your churidar pyjami.12 HACKS EVERY INDIAN:PUNJABI GIRL MUST KNOW 💋

3.Trying jeans without wearing

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you liked a pair of jeans but you didn’t buy it because there was no trial room. No more such situations. huUse your neck as measuring tape. Your neck is roughly your waist size, so button up the jeans and try the waist of the jeans around your neck. jiIf both the ends meet easily, there are fair chances that it’ll fit you well.

You can also use the length between your fist and elbow to measure it.Clip #50

4.Zip up your dress easily

Do you do yoga ? because sometimes even wearing clothes can require flexibility of a yoga pose. Don’t believe me. Try wearing a dress or choli which has a long zipper and try zipping it up.It’ll be as difficult as a yoga pose. And if you don’t want the hassle of yoga grab a ribbon or a long strong thread.

Tie it to the zipper and use it to pull the zip easily.Clip #11

5.Easy way to mend a zipper

You are about to go out or you are on a holiday and suddenly you encounter a bad zipper. There could be number of victims – a pair of bottoms,a dress, a jacket or a travel bag. So instead of cribbing, reach out for a soap. Apply it generously on the zipper and it’ll start working properly. vcgfsAnd if it happens while you are in transit, use a lip balm or vaseline for a temporary relief.dzfghj

6.Never loose your socks pair

What a struggle it is to find the missing one from a socks pair when you are getting ready for office in the morning.So,In order to keep your socks pair together, fold one into another from the elastic band.vgfxz

7.Long lasting Lipstick

If you want your lipstick to last long, Grab a compact or loose powder.Then take a thin layer of tissue paper (I rely more on toilet paper).cxfzdPlace it on your lips and dab the powder on it with a sponge. xdszadIt’ll set the colour and the lipstick will last long on your lips.

8.Loosen the waist of your jeans

If you are about to give your favorite pair of jeans to your sister just because it doesn’t fit you on the waist. Wait! The solution could be near by only.

In order to make the waist of the jeans loose and adjustable, use a strong hair tie (rubber band) . vhcxSlide it through the hole of the button and loop both the ends around the button.Clip #48 2Clip #49 2 To make it little more loose, slide the hair tie the same way, but this time secure its one end with other and loop the remaining end around the button.vhgf 2hcxdfz 2

9.Put old toothbrush to use

No other thing can match the strength of a thread (Nada/Nala) in a salwar,lehnga, petticoat. But I’ve a seen people using different things to slide it . But instead of pens, pencils,bobby pins and other temporary things, make a dedicated threader with the help of an old tooth brush.

Take an old tooth brush which has a hole on one end .hvhcgx Cut the toothbrush from bristles and then smoothen it with a filer or candle.

fsrdhj 2
heat only for 4-5 secs
Clip #19 2
smoothen it by rubbing in the ground.

Then use a strong thread and tie it through the hole and thats how you get a threader for years to come.

10.What a perfume!

What a lovely feeling it is to smell good all day long. And if the sillage of your perfume  is good then people working with you are happy too. So in order to make your perfume last long on your skin, use vaseline on the areas where you are going to apply perfume.Always apply to perfume receptor areas for a better experience.


So that’s it for now. I’ll see u guys soon.



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