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SONY DSC                                             Hi lovelies, So summers are almost here and as usual there’ll be an influx of sunscreens, talcum powders, deodorants and perfumes in the market.I can buy the former ones as per someone’s suggestion, but when it comes to buying a perfume ,I feel I have a sixth sense.I don’t buy it in the first go and after repeated sample testings,I usually get the right stuff. And my “RIGHT STUFF “is not gender biased.

But a men’s perfume ?? yeah,I mean is that a crime? So lets begin and talk about Prada Luna Rossa for men.

                                          Luna Rossa is a masculine fragrance by Prada. The scent was launched in Sept 2012 named after the sailboat and the sailing team “Red Moon” or Luna Rossa, which participates in the American Cup competitions and the fragrance was created by perfumer Daniela Andrier.

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About the Brand:

Prada S.p.A. is an Italian luxury fashion house, specializing in leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfumes and other fashion accessories, founded in 1913.The company was started by Mario Prada and his brother Martino as a leather goods shop.

Product Description:

The outer packing of this perfume falls very short of style. But if you call it elegance, that can be fair.It’s a very basic silver and black box which says the product name.


Once you take the bottle out it is a silver bottle with a metallic cage halfway from the top.


The cap of the perfume failed to impress me too. It is again very poor quality transparent plastic open cap.

And once you remove that ,you get a broad spray pump. Once you spray it you get a nice sprinkle of perfume in one go.


Product Claim:

                                Prada Luna Rossa is a fragrance for men that reinterprets traditional ingredients with agility. A wave of aromatic freshness crashes through the scent conveying strength and dynamic energy, while its signature is noble and sensual. The backbone of the fragrance is Lavender – an unmistakable natural ingredient in perfumery – but here pushed to the edge in a unique, modern interpretation. This ability to rediscover and awaken the sleeping stars of scent and give them contemporary appeal is at the heart of Prada fragrances.




LUNA ROSSA is a refreshingly aromatic blend of citrus and lavender, mixed with fresh mint and amber providing instant masculinity rush and refined elegance.


People can smell you from a 2-3 feet away.Thats good but I mean whats the point in having a nice fragrance if you can’t even tell it’s on.It does leaves a faint trail behind.

Directions to use:

Open the plastic cap and spray it on your body. For a better experience and a long-lasting fragrance, spray it on the perfume receptor areas like wrists, behind the ear lobes, inside the elbows and so on.


Well thats something to think of.All I can say is that its water like and leaves no patch on clothes.


AED 189/ INR 4200 for 100 ml

Buy it here on souq.com



1.The fragrance is really pleasant and lasts for a good 5-6 hrs.

2. It can be worn as a regular office perfume.Personally, I feel it is a great fragrance for the summer, during a nice casual festivity like going to movies,carnival,a picnic,or a park.

3. It has all the qualities of being a perfect scent like Modern, Young, elegant, Crisp, Summery, Interesting,Clean and Lovely.

4. The quantity of the product is good so can be used for months.

5.Elegant and Transparent bottle helps in keeping a check on the quantity left in the bottle.


1.Definitely needs to improve on the outer packing and that plastic cap.Its difficult to put the cap properly back and you’ve to struggle with it.

2.Products with better sillage are available in the market.When People can smell you from only 2-3 feet away means it doesn’t leave a great scent trail.

3. I personally think it suits the younger crowd between 16-40 better.

4. Although the quantity is good, but it makes it less travel friendly.

                               So finally, I feel LUNA ROSSA is a fresh daytime scent for the active man who loves to feel youthful.Its perfect for casual date outs.Freshness is a definite characteristic in it.I strongly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like strong smell.

 I hope this review helps you in decision making.

Thanks a ton. I’ll see you soon.


Buy Prada Luna Rossa on Souq.com

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  1. Wow that is a nice write up at length.I have worn Parada Luna Rossa earlier and I like it but I never knew the sillage and other pros.Well done.I will look forward to reviews of Tom Ford(Oud Wood),Tobacco leather from Tom Ford and Ouds from Montale.Keep the nice work on.You are a sweet heart:-)

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