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Hi lovelies,

So hows this winter treating you? I hope no coughs, colds,cold sores are bothering you. I am also enjoying this winter in Dubai .Its little cold, windy and rainy here this time which is a pleasant surprise.And my sound sleep is helping me a lot in this. Such a fresh morning! Don’t envy me. In this world of work stress and mental pressure , a good night sleep is the best feeling in the world. But sometimes our bedroom can be the culprit for the insomnia ,so how to make our bedroom sleep friendly? Lets discuss that in detail .

1.Make bed in the morning

It feels heavenly to come back to a well made bed,So it should be your first priority after jumping out of your bed. According to a report people who make bed in the morning are likely to get 19% more sound sleep than the ones who don’t. So get happy at a sight of a well made bed at night and stop complaining of restless nights.

2. Use dim Lights


Dim lights can stimulate the production of melatonin in your body which results in drowsiness (our ultimate goal!) .On the other hand, white or harsh lights keep us awake for a long duration.So before going to the bed, switch the main lights off and set the mood lighting of your room.

3.Make bed differently

Another step related to bed making and this one is fairly simple and creative, is to make bed different on different days. You don’t need fancy accessories to do so. Try to be creative with same bed sheets, pillows and blanket. You can add colors to your bedding if you want.

4.Lower the temperature


A fan or air conditioner , blanket on and one foot out.what a blissful sleep! So lower the temperature of the bedroom .It’ll tell your body its the time to sleep.To maintain that temperature, use cotton or silk sheets instead of fleeces. But again comfortable temperature varies from person to person.But ideal temperature according to studies is 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Mine personal preference is 21.5 😊.

5.Get rid of digital displays


There should not be any digital displays in your bedroom.Any digital clocks, dialers, gadgets should be removed from your sleeping heaven.A glimpse of that tiny light can be misinterpreted by your brain as a time to wake you up in the middle of night.

6.A Neat bedding is a must

In order to keep allergies at bay, keep your bedding clean. Make your bed dust free, mite free, bug free and finally insomnia free by washing your bedsheet and pillows covers regularly.clip-42

New washed pillow covers give a fresh scent which induces sleep. Also you get rid of facial oils, hair,dandruff which might be on your pillow cover which can help you clean your acne as well. See two in one offer! 🤣


A MUST for sleep. To sleep properly, our brain needs darkness. Light can disrupt our body’s sleep cycles resulting in bad and disturbed sleep.So make your room dark, shut the curtains, remove any light source and enjoy the total darkness. In order to prevent morning light from waking you up before your alarm, use blinds or room darkening curtains.

8.Noise Reduction

Have you ever heard that frustrating sound of leaking faucet or continuous ticking of the clock, if you have you might know where I am about to reach. In simple line, remove any noise making source. But what if the noise source is beyond your control? In that case use PINK NOISE. clip-32

It is a perfect consistent frequency noise which induces sleep. A paddle fan can act as a source of that kind of frequency. But if you want to go the modern way, you can download videos of pink noise. But my favorite! use apps from the App Store in android and apple.

9.Try Aroma therapy


This is a well-known fact that some scents can be soothing and relaxing to the body .These aromatherapy fragrances keep the body calm resulting in sound sleep. Vanilla ,Chamomile or Lavender could act as sleep inducing fragrances. You can use essentials oils in the pillow spritz or light a candle in your bed room for a serene and peaceful sleep.

10. Make your bedroom clutter-free

Keep your laptops, mobiles,files,laundry away from your bedroom at night. Give your bedroom a breathing space.And if your brain is full of clutter,instead of lamenting or worrying about work,sit down, relax and write your to-do’s in a journal. It’ll clear your mind for the night and prepare you for the next day.

So no more sleepless nights. Try the above methods and have a good night!

I’ll see you soon

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Also watch here the video on above methods of sound sleeping

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