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Hi beauties, Wish you all a happy, prosperous, wonderful, rocking, roaring, fruitful new year.

So hows life?

Finally winter has arrived in all its glory and its the time to take an extra step towards the skin care. Although it is a season of tasty fruits & veggies and back in Punjab,we love to make pinnis and panjeeris with lot of ghee (which I miss here in Dubai) but still the skin feel dry,dehydrated and starved. So to address this issue, I’ve been looking for a sleeping mask. As there are few brands to opt from,the one i bought was “The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask”.I mean the name itself is so intriguing that I had to buy it.and believe me what an experience!

Product Description:

It comes in a flat green colored round jar which is heavy than I expected! It has a white tightening lid.The product itself is white in color. The consistency is ….. somewhat like a pudding.It also comes with a white small spatula to scoop the mask out. It’s wise to use this little tool as otherwise its difficult to dig it out.

Product Claim:

Refreshing,bouncy cream gel leave on mask containing renewing Edelweiss stem cells. Overnight moisturises and replenishes for youthful looking skin which feel bouncier,smoother,refreshed,recharged and renewed.(As read from the jar).

Ingredients:SONY DSC

Directions to use:

Apply every night on cleansed skin as a last step of skincare.Scoop with Spatula and apply on face and neck by gently massaging into skin. Leave on to absorb. Avoid eye area.(Although its not so clearly mentioned on the pack).


It is a heavy moisturizer to be used at night.As it has a pudding like consistency,so a little amount is enough for both face and neck.It may also take a little while to get it absorbed in the skin. So massage it for good 1-2 mins on your skin.It feels heavy on the skin (even on the fingers).But there is an awesome quality in the product. It sets itself perfectly overnight.So no signs of scooping disturbance and you get a new looking product every time to open the jar.


INR 2495 for 90 ml (90 gm)


12 months from the date of opening

As its one of the raved about product, so let me sum it up in few bullets below:


  1. It’s quite hydrating.Skin feels supple and nourished in the morning.
  2. It can be worn all by itself without anything else.So you can get rid of the wearisome night skin care routine.
  3. As the product is heavy so a small amount of it goes a long way.
  4. Easily available in major cities or online.


  1. Some people claim to get a glow (I think they are mistaking it for this oily skin).But again my skin is naturally oily.So  a little moisturizer can make my face oleaginous. So Make a wise decision!
  2. The packaging of the product is travel unfit.The jar is very heavy and big to fit in properly.(And I love carrying sleep masks on my vacation)
  3. It is difficult to scoop out with fingers.

In a nutshell,I would say that anyone who has dry or dehydrated skin and who loves to wear sleeping masks for some extra hydration will love it. When it comes tom me,I do feel it gives bouncy and nourished looking skin in the morning.Although the quantity I use is very less but I still get oily skin. Also as very few sleeping masks are available in the market and TBS is a widely spread brand,so it is a safe bet to invest your money on this.

So let me wrap my post here. I hope to see you guys soon.

Take care.


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