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Hi beauties, All well?. Lets talk about headache today. It can be a stand alone illnesses or the symptom of another condition.Headache could be for number of reasons tension,hangover, stress, bad eyesight, sinus, prolonged computer hours, brain problems and even tumour.It’s important to figure out what type of headache is causing you pain. If you know your headache type, you can treat it correctly. Depending on the specific type of headache, it can last for any time between a few hours and several weeks.

Oh, my aching head!! In today’s world of computer screens,stress,traffic jams, tight schedules, and late night parties, it’s no wonder we find ourselves popping an occasional pain reliever.Most people tend to take some medicine as soon as it occurs.But do you know overuse of pain medication can lead to rebound headaches.Also it is estimated that 50% of people experiencing headaches self-treat rather than visiting a doctor.

So lets talk treat this pain without any medicine, natural home remedies or any other stuff (basically lets cure headache with NO TOOLS!)

1.Check your solar plexus


It is also called ‘Nabhichakra’.It is the controlling centre for all the organs below the diaphragm. Some abdominal issues lead to headache so it is important to keep the solar plexus in place.If you are unaware of this understated concept, which can be easily found in ancient Ayurvedic books, here is how you can confirm the right order of your solar plexus.

Lie down on your back on a flat surface and press your finger in the navel, you will feel a throbbing sound similar to heartbeat.If you find it exactly below the navel, it means your solar plexus is ok. If not, and that throbbing is somewhere up or downwards the navel, then it is important to correct it.

Below are some methods to do it.(make sure to do these only on empty stomach in the morning or 3-4 hours after the meals)

a.Push the throbbing towards the navel with your hands. You can use oil for a comfortable push.

b.Put weight on the navel and push it lightly towards the centre.

c. Make someone else do this for you. Make sure to lie down and keep both the arms straight on the side.Tell the other person to check your toes. In case of a disordered navel, one toe will be longer than the other. Tell the person to apply pressure on the knee of the shorter foot and pull the toe. Repeat it till both the toes become equal.

2.Acupressure points


Another phenomenon which most people are not aware of is acupressure .Most of the headaches are because of cold,seasonal change which results in congestion in the head.To treat this,press points present on both of your thumbs.


Sometimes it could be because of heat where an overworking liver or pancreas is to be blamed for. In such cases, give pressure on points on both hands as per figure given below.


If it is because of eyes, such as bad eyesight or prolonged work before the computer screen ,the pressure points are available around eyes and on fingers.




3. Treat Sinus


A Sinus headache is a constant pain felt in the face (around the eyes, cheeks and forehead), usually only on one side.Sinuses in the face are the air spaces developed from the nasal passages to help with air humidification and mucus secretion. If sinuses are inflammated,it may decrease the ability of the mucus to drain, increasing pressure within the sinuses and leading to a sinus headache.

Common causes of inflammation include allergies, infections, or colds.It tends to be at its worst in the morning and may get better by the afternoon.Apart from resting and drinking plenty of fluids, try to press acupressure sinus points on face (given in the figure above) which can help in reducing headache to a large extent.

4. Neck stretches


Tension in the muscles of the neck and scalp lead to painful headaches. Stress or keeping the head in one position for too long or changes in brain chemicals may be the reason behind the tight muscles.So,lets loosen our body.

Stretches can help relieve tension and reduce headaches. Even while sitting and working on a computer just take some time out. Sit straight, close your eyes, relax and do some easy neck stretches (try the ones in the above pic to begin with).In order to prevent the reoccurrence of headache, perform these stretches for 15-20 minutes two times a day.But make sure to be gentle.The stretches shouldn’t overstretch the muscles aggravating stiffness and tenderness. In short, your stretches shouldn’t hurt you.

5. Massage the neck/back


Our central nervous system consists of Brain,brain stem ,sciatic nerve and number of long nerves coming out of this sciatic nerve spreading all over the body.And further, these nerves are linked to different organs in the body. So if there is pain in any organ you’ll feel it in your back also which is sometimes mistaken to be backache. Similarly, the cure (pressure points) of the sciatic nerve or spine can also lead to cure in the paining organ.

Even if we look at chiropractor points, the points for head are located near neck, so you can massage your neck either with bare hands or you can use a little oil in order to make the process easy (whoops I said no tool!! and I am using oil again)

6. Alternating breathing nostril


Well my well-tried and tested formula when headache is crossing all limits. Check the nostril you’re breathing in and out. Usually during a day we use just one nostril alternatively to breathe in and out.It all depends on the time of the day, the kind of food we eat, the weather and our body’s self mechanism.So once you know the nostril you are using, try to change to other nostril.Just close one with your finger or thumb and breathe in and out with the closed one. It could be difficult at first and could take a little time to change. But keep trying because your very first attempt of changing the nostril will give you relief in headache.

Well I hope you find the above remedies useful and you’ll get relief from the headache.

Also as always feel free to give me your suggestions/comments in the comment box below.

Thanks a ton for stopping by, I’ll see you guys soon



You can check the video here : Top treatment for headache without any tools!

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