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Hi beauties, we all know how important sunscreen is in order to get ourselves protected from the harsh sun. It acts as a protective layer and shield from harmful sun rays. So just to know a little better about this product, today we’ll talk about few tips and tricks which can help us take care of our skin perfectly. So let’s begin..

1. Sun rays are  impartial when it comes to damaging one’s skin. So whether you are fair or dark, YOU NEED SUNSCREEN. so from now on don’t use your dark skin tone as an excuse to skip sunscreen.

2.Don’t use sunscreen below SPF 10. Depending on the sun exposure,you should opt from something between 30 to 40 SPF. Anything below 10 acts as a normal moisturizer.

3. Don’t use sunscreen on babies and infants. It could be harmful to them. Just make sure they are covered properly.

4. Never use sunscreen to create body art. It may look attractive or unique but it’s damages are sometimes irrepairable. Instead get yourself a tattoo.

5. Apply sunscreen all over your body or exposed parts properly. Try to be generous and gentle. Don’t forget your hair, ears, eyelids, lips, hands and feet. Which means Sun spray for hair,face sunscreen for eyelids and ears,lip balm with SPF for lips and regular sunscreen for hands and feet.

6. Never apply sun spray around or near your face or mouth. Avoid inhaling it. Use a cream based sunscreen for your face.

7. A sunscreen doesn’t ensure you 100% protection from harmful sun rays. So always be extra ready. Always wear long sleeves, full pants, wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses.

8.Water,water,water.. one answer to almost all of our beauty issues. So protection from sun is no exception. Always drink plenty of water before going out to keep your body hydrated.

9. Sun rays are strongest between 10am to 2pm . So avoid going out during these hours. If it’s unavoidable, cover yourself and try to seek shade.The best way to check the shade seeking time is to see if your shadow is shorter than you.

10. Use extra caution near water, snow and sand. These all reflect sun rays which can increase the chance of sunburn.

11. What about Vitamin D? When we are taking all possible measures to avoid the sun, where to get our daily doses of vitamin D from which sun gives us for no cost. Try to avoid harsh summer sun. In order to get the vitamin properly, eat healthy food and vitamin supplements.

12.Avoid tanning beds. UV rays and tanning beds make a deadly combo for skin cancer and wrinkles. In order to get a tanned look, apply self tanning products along with a sunscreen.

13. Don’t use an expired sunscreen. Always check the expiry date. Also check for any change in color, consistency or smell of the product. If you notice any difference, THROW IT & purchase a new bottle immediately.

14. Before buying any cosmetic product like lipstick or lip balm, make sure it has SPF.

15. Skin cancer, the name itself is dreadful because it doesn’t discriminate between people of different age, gender, race,ethnicity. So if you notice any change in your body like itching, bleeding, or chronic rashes, SEE A DERMATOLOGIST IMMEDIATELY. Skin cancer is treatable, if diagnosed early.

So these were few facts about  sunscreen usage. I hope you like them. If you have something more to share, feel free to suggest/correct me in the comment section below. I’ll see you guys soon.



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