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 Hi Beauties, lets talk about the product  which every skin care brand is going gaga about.”Aloe-vera”. A plant which was in my house since my childhood but never really thought of it in any positive way and i always used to be a little afraid of it because of its resemblance to cactus.

                                                                      But today I am well aware of the fact that it’s not only good for our beauty but also has therapeutic and medicinal uses. Even I got to know that because of its properties, Egyptians used to call it the “Plant of Immortality”.This wonderful product has so many more benefits to it than what we are going to discuss. We’ll limit our discussion to its beauty benefits and we’ll see how aloe vera helps in maintaining our skin and hair healthy.

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                                                                    Well Aloe vera gel can be used almost throughout the year.It is ideal for all skin types and its application can be both directly to the skin or we can mix it with packs or masks. First we’ll talk about the direct application of gel and then the mixes.So lets talk about the beauty benefits of this miraculous product:

1.Sunburn or sun rashes can be really painful and aloe vera gel comes handy as a remedy to them.It forms a protective layer on the skin and acts as a cooling agent to the skin. If you are suffering from sun related issues,try to soothe your body once you are in the shade.It helps to cool down the skin and provides a soothing effect. Make sure you apply the aloe vera gel to the affected for about 20-25 mins.

2.Acne is a problem with 70% of the teen population. Acne is a fungal infection and because aloe vera gel has two hormones auxin and gibberellins it helps in fighting and healing the acne.A regular application of aloe vera gel on the affected skin can reduce swelling and acne scarring.

3.Skin rashes,blistering or itchiness of the skin can also be monitored with the help of aloe-vera gel. It is really soothing and can help in healing chronic skin issues like eczema. But make sure you consult with your doctor first. Because aloe vera gel can compliment the whole healing process but try not to make it a substitute for medicines in such serious issues.

4.Moisturising is needed by every skin day-in and out.It helps in maintaining the youthfulness of the body and face. It is important to moisturize the body well to make it look supple and young. So you can replace your daily moisturizer with aloe vera gel because of its hydrating properties. Once you have cleaned your face,apply aloe-vera gel.

5.Ageing,it sounds so dreadful.Some of us don’t want to grow old and others want it gracefully. In both the situations,aloe vera gel is very effective and pocketfriendly.It has a property to keep our skin firm and because of the antioxidants present in it,it reduces the appearance of ageing,fine lines,and wrinkles.

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6.Eyebrows are centre of attention in today’s glam world. Big companies are giving lot of attention to them and are launching a line of makeup products just for eyebrows. But to keep them shiny and thick,a small application of aloe vera gel goes a long way.Just apply some aloe vera gel on your eyebrows with the help of a brush and let it sit there for about 15-20 mins and rinse it away.

7.Dandruff in hair is the next thing we want to talk about once our face is sorted.Here again aloe vera gel is a great product when it comes to dandruff or itchiness of the scalp.It has anti-microbial properties which fight against infections and helps in soothing the scalp. Take aloe-vera gel and apply it all over the hair  and scalp and you can rinse it after 1 hour.You can also use it as a hair styling gel and leave it on your hair for the day.

8.Hair conditioning is very much-needed in today’s time considering the rough weather and pollution conditions. So you can use aloe vera gel as your regular conditioner and rinse it off or you can use it as a leave in conditioner aswell. It helps in keeping the hair smooth,glossy and moisturized.

9.Body scrubs are an important bathroom essentials and its important to use them regularly. They can remove any dead cells and keep your body exfoliated with open pores. But instead of spending big amounts on them,make your own at home very easily and conveniently . You’ll need

Some brown sugar (use oats for sensitive skin)
aloe vera gel


Some lime juice

Mix them well and apply it all over your body. rub it well and clean it after 5-7 minutes.

10.Face Mask is a great way to rejuvenate your face after lot of damage from makeup,pollution and dust. Aloe vera gel has skin lightening and brightening properties and it reaches to multiple layers of the skin to hydrate it.So an easy face mask can be made with just two ingredients

2 tbsp aloe vera gel
2 tbsp egg white

Mix them well and let it sit on your face for about 15 mins and then wash your face. Use it regularly for a bright and supple face.

11. Woo hoo a bonus beauty benefit. As we have talked about face pack so its my duty to tell you about a hair mask also.So you gonna need

1 tbsp aloe vera gel
1 egg (you can also use hibiscus gel to avoid eggy smell!!


half a cup milk


1 tsp extra virgin olive oil


Mix all of these ingredients together and then apply it all over your hair from roots to the tips and wait for about 1 hour. Rinse as usual with your regular shampoo and conditioner. You’ll get softer,shinier tresses guaranteed.

So these were my little beauty secrets of using aloe vera gel in a personalised manner.Please make sure to comment or share any of your secrets. I hope you find this post useful. I’ll see you guys soon.



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