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Hi beautiful souls,Almost all of us talk about weight loss,body slimming,healthy body but these all remain mere talks only as we are lazy enough that even moving our bum seems like a big exercise.Going to the gym and exercising look completely unachievable due to our busy schedule,physical immobility and sometimes lethargic attitude.

So in order to keep yourself healthy and fit without exercise,here are few ideas which help you in attaining your goal to an extent. But remember these ideas don’t substitute exercising but they complement it really well. So enough of talking,lets move a little and begin!!!


Instead of sitting and wondering how are you becoming fat and flabby, wonder how the house maids or domestic help keep themselves do slim and trim without sweating in the gym, it’s because they are active and they lose calories with every work they do. Doing your everyday work yourself can help in shedding extra calories while enjoying and saving money. You can clean the house, kitchen, dishes, laundry or even your car.


Not having time for running on treadmill, no worries still you can reduce your belly with brisk walking or jogging every morning and evening.Going for a walk after dinner can help in food digestion. Jogging helps in toning the body muscles,uplifts the mood and strengthens the heart.


These days whether it’s a skyscraper or a small storey building,we prefer taking elevators. I am not sure it’s because of sophistication or do we really need those. So whenever you get a chance climb the stairs. It’s a unique exercise which improves health with time.It burns more calories per minute than jogging.Just seven minutes of stair climbing can halve the risk of heart attack over years. But remember to take advice of your doctor first.


When sitting in a same seat for hours,its important to mobilize your body. so when you are watching the tv continuously its important to give yourself a break in commercial breaks. So whenever there is a two-min commercial, stand up and start dancing. If you don’t feel like so, you can stretch,walk or skip. according to your mood preference. So in a three-hour long movie, you can burn calories for about 20-25 mins.


Whenever you are parking your car either near home,at office,in a mall, at a client’s office; try to park your car at the farthest available parking slot. It will allow you to walk extra steps every time you are getting on or off the car. For shorter distance,try walking instead of talking the car.


Be a senior in your office is not always good, some times it can be a barrier also(not literally). We tend to call our juniors for every other query or even to advise them. Instead shift yourself a little from your chair and go to them. You can be losing calories with every other step you are walking towards them.


These days we want to be clean,sophisticated,elegant and we have completely forgotten how it feels like to be sweaty and smelly (eewww). But remember when we were kids,no matter how much dirt,dust,sweat we were drenched in we always wanted to play more and more.It a simple mathematical calculation. Same childhood like active body means same level of physical activity. So play the sport of your choice,be it badminton, tennis, cricket, football,basketball and you’ll start seeing a new you.


Either you work in a n office or you are at home,plan one day in a week when you are going to do everything possible standing. It could be watching tv,taking calls,working on laptop,cooking meal,preparing mise-en-place (endless works actually).Studies show that calories burn a lot better standing than sitting even if you do nothing.


Read magazines,newsletters related to healthy body or good food.It’ll keep you motivated for keeping or increasing your physical activity. Also take a good 8 hour sleep which make sure that you are ready for reading again. Also sleeping acts as a catalyst in weight loss.


Change your mental attitude. If you continue seeing yourself unappealing,flabby,chubby or fat you are never going to try weight loss change. So make a mental shift.Adopt a positive attitude and put in the effort to see the change in yourself. List your qualities and try working on the negatives. a better mental approach can make the progress more precious. Wear good clothes and look for positivity in every person and situation.

So I hope you find these small changes in your day-to-day life easy and useful. I’ll meet you guys soon with a new topic.

Take care


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