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                                                               When everyone is crazy about D.I.Y’s , this is the perfect time to talk about some d.i.y care for the most beautiful feature of our face (at least i think so), the LIPS. Due to constant use of lip sticks and other lip beauty products,sometimes the lips  get dark, chapped and somewhat sick. And believe me, that is not a good feeling at all. When we are the culprits behind their sickness, so why should the lips pay the price. So in order to take care of the lips and make them beautiful,pink and kissable again, lets discuss my top 5 favourite lip scrubs.I have got few ideas from my mom and rest few are the ones that I’ve tried on my lips over time, so shall we start….

For Normal Lips

A teaspoon of White Sugar ( a natural exfoliator)

A teaspoon of Olive oil (an excellent moisturizer )



Mix both the ingredients together. Apply this lip scrub on your lips and scrub it for about 4-5 mins. Then rinse your scrubbed lips with water,dry extra water with a cotton towel and use a natural lip balm or almond oil on the lips.

For Ultra Dry lips

A teaspoon of Olive Oil (natural moisturizer)

A teaspoon of brown sugar ( for exfoliation)

Quarter teaspoon of Vaseline (extra dose of nourishment)

Mix all the three ingredients and scrub on  the lips for 5 minutes. Once the lips are exfoliated properly, rinse,dry and use vaseline to lock the moisture inside.As this scrub has two moisturising agents,it is advisable to be used on dry and chapped lips which are not getting cured even after drinking enough water.

For Dark Lips

Half teaspoon lemon juice (the skin lightning agent)

A teaspoon white sugar (the exfoliator)

A teaspoon coconut oil (the moisturizer)

Mix all ingredients and rub on your lips for 3-4 mins. The duration of using this lip scrub depends on the severity of darkness on lips . But don’t overdo the scrubbing as lemon juice is acidic in nature and should be used moderately.

For Discoloured lips

A teaspoon orange peel powder (for lightening and brightening)

A teaspoon Almond oil (for skin lightening)

A teaspoon Natural honey (for moisturising and curing)

Mix everything well and use it on the lips for about 5-7 mins.As this scrub has two lightening ingredients , it works well for lips which have lost their natural lip shade because of cheap cosmetics,smoking or other unavoidable reasons.


For Sensitive lips 

Half a teaspoon of unsweetened oatmeal (for gentle exfoliation)

A teaspoon of natural homemade curd (for nourishment)

As few lips are extra sensitive , so no sugar or lemon or orange peel for them. They need everything gentle and soothing. So mix oats and curd and exfoliate the lips for about 5 mins. But make sure to add the oats fresh when you are about to start. Once you are done,rinse and clean the lips and apply either honey or almond oil to extra layer of protection.

For 5 DIY lip scrubs video click here

I hope you’ll like and try these scrubs at home. If you do so, please let me know. I’ll be for sure waiting!!

So here I wrap this post.

Take care


Watch these lip scrubs in a video here



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